Steve Latimer & Associates

Manufacturers Represented

Containment Solutions   Containment Solutions Fiberglass underground single, double and triple-wall tanks for petroleum, diesel exhaust fluid, potable and non-potable water, fire water, chemical washdown, manholes, interceptors and oil/water separators. Steel aboveground tanks for lubrication, flammable and combustible liquid storage and dispensing.
a3690c9b96d0d5c57799a0651c41531d mwnl   Control Systems International UL / ETL control  system integraon for petroleum, water, industrial and automation with certifications in the United States and Canada.  Applications ranging from simple switch and relay to shake-table tested “Mission Critical” PLC.
DoubleTrac OmegaFlex   DoubleTrac by OmegaFlex DoubleTrac flex connector assemblies and double‐wall piping for above and underground flammable & combustible liquid fuel systems; DEF‐Trac 316ss piping for diesel exhaust fluid.
Fluid Management   Fluid Management Technology Cloud-based fuel control system for fleet users including Mining, Farm/Agriculture, Municipalities, Service Vehicles, Marinas, Construction Sites, Delivery Trucks or any other location where robust, intelligent and user-friendly fluid management and control is desired. 
Numeritex small     Numeritex Displays Digital LED price signs and message boards for retail petroleum stations, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants and service centers.  Catalog and custom solutions for  new construction or retrofit applications.  Wireless price or message adjustment via remote or keypad with up to 1,000’ range.
OEC Fluid Handling    OEC Fluid Handling Pumps, meters and accessories for diesel exhaust fluid, petroleum, water, wastewater and chemical applications.  OEM and engineered system solutions.
Pneumercator    Pneumercator Wired/Wireless Liquid Level Gauging, Alarm, Leak Detection and Pump Controls for Petroleum, DEF, Critical Power, Bulk Storage, Chemical and Water Applications.
RCI Technologies Logo    RCI Technologies Filtration solutions for fuel storage, transport, delivery and end use.   Stationary and portable recirculation systems, cartridge and bag filters, magnetic conditioning and hybrid filtration options.
Universal Valve Co.    Universal Valve Company
Manholes, Pipe Guards & Bollards, Island Forms, Valves & Fittings, Spill Containment, Environmental Products and Signage for the commercial and retail petroleum industry.